colophon So it feels is a digital cento composed of nine lines gleaned from student work in Claire Cowie’s and Maya Sonenberg’s books arts and creative writing classes at the University of Washington in Seattle. These source texts were shared in April and May of 2020 in the context of COVID-19.

I printed the lines onto scraps of tengujo tissue using a Canon inkjet printer then filmed them as I blew them across a sheet of white paper. I shot and over-exposed the footage on an iPhone 5 and compiled the video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

A co-authored, unbound book, So it feels is an experiment motivated by collaboration amidst isolation and material limitations imposed by the pandemic.

Thank you to Matt C. for teaching me how to code. Thanks also to Brianne R., Katie W., Tanner W., Sarah B., Amy Z., Kollee K., and Angelica F., whose words inspired this project.